Holy crap, this is pretty intense. This sprung up out of nowhere!

It seems pretty serious - apparently they're after Westerners.

What's your take on this? Are they Al-Qaeda? Taliban?

Already over 100 people have been killed, and hundreds more are wounded.

I also just found out that my aunt's boss's wife is staying at the Taj as we speak. No word from her yet - I can't imagine how her boss is feeling right now.

EDIT: ****, there's already a thread. I guess I should've checked page 2...
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There's already a topic about this, fyi. This is something completely different from any terrorist attack before, as India has one of the highest Muslim populations in the world.
it was some unknow group, not Al-Qaeda at least thats what i heard on the news last night...speaking of attacks qaeda has promised to attack the trains in nyc during the holidays, they already caught one guy in pakastan who used to stay in staten island new york
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