Can anyone help me with this?

There's a code I'm thinking of, where there are pairs of letters used to encrypt a message.

Anyone know what it's called? It's annoying me...


bk ke oy la nq lw lh hi yr
wl ls aq dl je di tr sb kj
kw sk iy hd al nj ea ts tq

Yeah... pretty sure that's it
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there are a few different ciphers (codes use whole word substitution, n00b) that look like that.
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and sorry fassa but use google. I'm actually very interested in this so I'm going to do a bit of research.


Used Google, absolutely useless.
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Used Google, absolutely useless.

Yeah I know... I'm getting a lot of things for ancient hebrew codes, and the whole "bible code" thing. Sorry I can't be of much help.
I thought this thread said "Cryptozoology question?", I'm somewhat disappointed
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