Well, I need to get this out and get some funds to finish my current guitar build.

So anyways, it's a 1 piece African Mahogany body blank. It's 14.25"x24". This is about an inch wider than stew mac, and about 3 inches longer. It's good for making something a little bigger. It's 8/4 sanded on both sides roughly. Could use more sanding, of course, but is a great piece of wood.

I am looking for $50 obo+shipping. Shipping shouldn't be too badly priced, maybe 10-15 bucks max? Just make me an offer.

Otherwise, for trades I could go with...
-Fret saw
-Different wood
-Tuners 3x3
-Double action truss rod

But uh, feel free to email me at ohspyro89@gmail.com and we can discuss.