So I am new to guitar and plan on getting some type of cheap beginner guitar for christmas ( I currently have a crappy off brand guitar ) and I have this Marshal amp that doesn't sound great, but it's decent for practice.

So I found this multi effect pedal that seems pretty good and was thinking about buying it, but my question is: Would it be a bad idea to get this pedal if my amp doesn't sound that great to begin with? I mean it isn't like the amp is terrible, but it's just not the greatest sound. Will it effect how the pedal sounds or will it be fine?

Good pedal + bad amp = bad sound. You're better off with a new amp.


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It depends on the pedal. If it has good amp modeling you should be able to get a good sound out of a cheap amp. But if the pedal is kinda meh itself or comes without amp modeling it won't improve your tone much.

I have been using a Vox Tonelab SE with an Ibanez TB15R amp (terrible amp) and the sounds I got were lovely for home use. I tried a Digitech RP80 through the same amp an the sound was sh*t, no matter what.

But anyway, a good small modeling or valve amp is about as expensive as a good multi effects board, so unless you want loads of effects you should probably go with a new amp. It's a less complicated setup that is more likely to sound good.
I've always found multi-effects to be a bad idea, save the Line 6 Modeller pedals and those Boss twin pedals, but not the ME-50
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I have a L6 POD X3 Live and I am seling it bcuz it sucks and sounds disgustingly digital...GO for a new amp...
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If you want loads of effects then get a vypyr imo. The 30W is just slightly more expensive than a desent multi effects pedal.

edit-- Its actually cheaper...
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<<< has a GNX4. Modeling MFX pedals are great thru PAs at best and squeaky clean ss amps at worst.

I like it thru my lil practice amp and ive used it into a full blow PA at a venue without the amp. Just make sure your amp is squeaky clean. It wont sound as amazing as thru a PA but it will do.