Man, if you can play this that is impressive, the lead work is nuts! (mostly just that last bit, I think you know where I mean)

Didn't enjoy the first solo very much, much prefered the second starting at bar 41 or so.

Overall, some nice upbeat chord sequences, however in the verse I think that the acoustic guitar is overpowering the electric way too much.
From listening to the midi (as the comp i'm on doesn't have newest version of GP installed atm) this is a really good piece.
The solo at the beginning fits in very well and leads nicely into the more layered part of the song (which may I add has a nice rhythm).
The lead work is really good, probably the best I've heard in a while and I can guess from it your quite an experienced musician and composer .
that sounded... happy?
i liked it up to the verse and the solo was good as well, but sometimes it sounded weird to me. (ex: bar 14)
and after the verse it was getting even happier. i dont like that. xD
but i very liked the synth lead.
and the last 4 bars were happy again.
but the guitars do work great. still i dont like it, but that's just me.. ^^

all in all, solid work..
just rather short imo.

crit mine?
it's an instrumental, too.
'jericho' in the sig.
it's less happier. d:
Title made me laugh.

Probably just me, but I thought the track 2 guitar should've started after the intro repeated twice. 21 - 36 were my favorite parts, but I thought Track 3's solo didn't really mesh well with the other 2 tracks. The synth sound was pretty good, but I thought bar 50 was just a shred fill that didn't really fit with the song. Everything else about the song was amazing. The way the tracks fit together with one another, the technicality blew me away. As a song this is a really, really good piece. Solid 9-9.5/10. You should definitely try and learn this, then post a recording

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I liked the verse best. It seems like in the verse you intertwined the instruments together best.