Of course I know gay people were frowned upon, but I thought by 16/17 in England (generally, more understanding of homosexuality than other countries), people would understand.

In health education, we were doing relationships and we had to put statements in order of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

I was in a group of lads and we had them in an order. I noticed that they'd put teh statement 'Having a relationship with someone of the same sex', in more unacceptable than 'cheating on your partner', 'Having one night stands' and 'even hitting your partner.'

As a straight male, I found it kinda disturbing that people would put gay people that low in an estimation.

What do you think pit?

tl;dr People at my school think being gay is less acceptable than hitting your partner.
There's like a 500000 page thread on gay folk, just bump that! lol
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