Hello everyone, first of all, thanks I've been on this forums for a while and I've been learning a lot from you, but this time I got a question and I need some advise on this...

When I first start playing the guitar I bought a Line6 Spider II 112 Amp, it was a nice model but then I got the Boss GT-6 Pedal board so I stopped using the Line6 effects and distortions, playing always in the clean channel... So I sold the AMP..

Now I got the money to buy another, but speaking to friends and so, Some of them told me that I could just get a PA system (a 80w- 100w one, not a big one)..

So the main questions are:

  • Whats the difference between using a PA System or a Guitar AMP?
  • What's better?

I'll be here to see and post back if needed, Thanks!!!
I heard PA systems don't have as good of a quality as a guitar amp but i'm not sure... try google.
The PA system will not give you tone. Tone comes from amps. You can use a PA system if you have something like a POD or some other amp modeler to generate the tone, then the PA just amplifies it.
I don't know if it's the same as running an output from your amp to a PA, but I really enjoy the song that a PA gives when you're hooked up to it.
My friend used just his pedal to a PA before and it sounded good.

And if you have mics and other stuff and extra inputs on the PA your friends can jam with you without needing to being all there stuff.

Soo I'd go with the PA
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The PA system will not give you tone. Tone comes from amps. You can use a PA system if you have something like a POD or some other amp modeler to generate the tone, then the PA just amplifies it.

Thanks for all the replys! Well actually I got a boss gt-6 So I think this could work like the POD cause it has amp models too, So far I notice that the only difference is in the tone... So I think I will go with the PA system + Boss GT-6 !

Thanks again for your help !!

Have a nice day !
if you enjoy the sounds you get the gt6, I would get a power amp into a 2x12 or 4x12 cab
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PA gear is not voiced for guitar. A PA's job is to amplify everything, as cleanly as possible. The speakers in the speaker cabinets are not voiced for guitar, the preamps and the power amps are not made with dynamic instrumental playing in mind.

If you play directly through a PA, you won't have any tone. I've heard it being done before, it was horrific. Although, as someone said, you might get away with it with a decent floor processor, but it's still not going to sound anywhere near as good as a decent amp & cab.
Hehe yes I see, btw I saw your band "the requisite", the song "california" nice song! Its true that it has some maiden sound in it hehe..

ok back to the thread.. Yes, I guess I'll have to rely on the boss COSM modeling system.. I really like the sound so I think I could get an acceptable sound from it =P
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Haha, thank you. We're pretty much dead at the moment (we're all at uni. Got a gig coming up this christmas though), but glad you liked it. I'll be moving on after I finish uni anyway, our hearts are no longer in it!

On topic:
Can I ask how much you'll be paying for this PA system?
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Yes, it sucks, uni takes 100% of the time, so is hard to continue with your personal projects, unless you are studing music... but if you are like me studying engineering or something like that, its pretty hard... But I wish you luck in your next band.

On Topic:
Okaay for the PA system I just need it from time to time on rehersals and sometimes at home, because we have already a main PA (Pretty good one, one of my friends love the DJ' thing so he got this system time ago). I was thinking on a 200 - 300 dlls top! because higher than this I rather get a marshall amp or something like that...

I was looking at this one --> http://www.guitarcenter.com/Phonic-Powerpod-410---S710-PA-System-630485-i1395799.gc
A PA system is purely for amplifying existing sounds, not creating them. You use one to amplify your vocals and other instruments so you can balance out the sound for the audience...for a guitarist that means the guitar AND the amp.

IF you have amp and cab simulation in your FX unit then you can get away with DI-ing into a PA but it won't always sound great.
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if i was going to shoot my jmp1 into a pa..would i use the emulated speaker output or the master line out (that would normally go to a poweramp)?