i bough my spider 3 30 watt around september 3rd. now i want to return it because i dont like the distortion on it and people say it doesnt take amps well. would i be able to return it for store credit? cuz im pretty sure they wont take it and return in cash
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I think you are right

right about the crappy sound? , or returning
If you came in to my store to return an amp you bought 3 months ago because you have now decided you don't like it's sound I would give you credit. . . give you credit for having the balls to ask but no store credit. Do your homework first bro. You must have liked it 3 months ago, huh? Sell it or trade it and get something you like but I doubt they will take it as a return.

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hm. thanks i know i was dumb my friend had it and i loved it, now it just sucks. do you know about returns since you work there?