So I've been looking for a reasonably priced bass and guitar synth pedal, and I know that both Boss and Digitech make a bass one, and digitech also has a guitar one, but I wanted to know if there are any others that anyone can recommend. Also, if anyone has one of these pedals, can they tell me what they think about them? I'd be using them for experimental, industrial, darkwave, gothic rock, synthpop and other styles of music so any sound clips of them being used would be appreciated as well. Oh, and my max budget for both is about 300 US dollars. Thanks!
Try to find a deal on a used HOG?

Barring that, a Micro-Synth is fun. The other guitarist in my band uses one.

Edit: Are all of these compatible with both guitar and bass?
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I have the Micro Synth. Great fun; it can add an octave above or below to the mix, as well as a square wave, and the filter section is just brilliant. Doesn't work to great with chords, especially with more than three strings (that's the resonance filter, not the basic synth, though).

The Micro synth has a unit 'voiced' for guitar, and a seperate for bass. Not sure how interchangable they'd be.

Also, look into Moog. If you have a lot of money.
Believe it or not, the only difference between the 2 units is a few components. I wonder why they didn't just put a switch in to save production costs.

I've seen guys use Bass Microsynths with guitars, they sound pretty good actually.
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Can any of these pedals do a MIDI String Ensemble type sound?

You'd need a Roland Guitar synthesizer for that. These are legitimate synthesizers, as in they alter the shape of the sine wave in a way akin to an analog synthesizer.
They aren't supposed to act like keyboards.