I'm looking into getting a first couple of pedals for my set-up.
I want to tighten up the rather loose bass of my rectoverb.
Would a Fulltone OCD do the job?
I hear its a great pedal.
Does it have true bypass?

For delay I just want something that will allow me to get similar sounds like the intro to fcpremix by the fall of troy.
recommend something under say 175 for this pedal please.
mxr carbon copy

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Get a Tube Screamer. It is cheaper and is perfect for what you want to use it for; crank the level and drop everything else to almost 0 and ta-da: Boosted Mesa.. Since you don't seem to be wanting to OD your Mesa, the OCD is an expensive boost pedal.

For the delay: Boss DD-5 is what is used on the album (I think -- I know he uses the Line 6 DL-4 live)
Alright thanks for the info man, so say an Ibanez ts9 will do exactly what I want for tightening up my mesa?
But when I'm not using the pedal and running through it will it affect my tone at all? Same with the Boss would running through those without using them affect tone?