I was wondering what kind of pedal would give me the sound of Jimmy Page, Randy Rhoads and others along the lines of classic rock? I have a Roland 20X Cube amp.
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i guess put it on the overdrive setting
about half gain lots of mids
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you don't need a pedal... Use the Tweed amp setting or the British Combo amp setting.
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Really? I don't need a pedal? I thought that you need a distortion pedal to have the same sound as the 2 gods I have listed above.
You should think that you need a badass huge Marshall tube amps stack to get the same sound. Distortion pedals are just a cheap equivalent which doesn't sound 'classic' at all.

Still, pedals are good for some stuff, I use Big Muff and OCD clone myself. But they can't take place of a good tube amp.

Anyhow - use your amps distortion, some kind of British amp model, gain at 1/2-3/4 and lots of mids, as someone've said before.
yes, the only pedal you might want is a fuzz (page used a sola sound tonebender, especially on the first record) but you dont want to use it for everything. you can get a pretty cool sound by playing from the bridge pickup with a bit of distortion penty of mids an the tone of your guitar at about 3 or 4.