I have my squier fat affinity strat plugged into my roland cube 20.

now, whenever I play my b string i hear a very high note... it only happens on my b string no matter which fret.

it only happens when I have selected my humbucker...

I am sitting 2 meters from my amp, and the speaker is not facing me, so i guess it is no feedback?

what could this be and what could I do about it.

I can't possibly play my guitar this way...
Maybe you could post some pictures of the guitar? So we can help locate the problem.
Well, it would be good have pictures of the action of the strings ( how high/low the strings are from the fretboard), at the bridge and up at the headstock.
You next to a computer? My guitar buzzes like a bitch cos of my pc
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So, whenever you play your b string you hear a very high pitched noise along with the note that you are playing? Sounds like a problem that has to do with the bridge saddle to me, though I know there are others that know more about this then I
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