nowadays, my guitar has some problems with buzz and feedback. If I plug it in, it gives a terrible buzz that only goes partially away if i touch a metal part on the guitar. I made it myself. is this a problem with the grounding? i grounded it to the metal cavity cover, and i saw it should be to the output jack. is this what's causing it? I also get tons of feedback from it when I plug in my DS-1 distortion pedal when played at a volume above 9:00 on my peavey classic 30. i set everything else (treble, bass, middle) to 12:00 and it still happened. so it can't be that. i'm afraid of playing a show with it because of the feedback. is there a way to fix it?
You have a grounding problem. Typically you want to run a ground loop on your pots and then run a ground wire from one of the pots to the bridge to keep it properly grounded. If you have any poor solder joints on the pots or to the bridge, that might be causing the buzzing. In addition you will need a ground wire to the output jack, though if you don't already have one your guitar shouldn't be making any sound when plugged in except for that annoying hum. Re-solder your grounds if you just want to guess, or post pictures of your wiring for more specific advice.
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