So, I was wondering, I'm looking at these three cabs:

They all have the same speaker units, it seems. So my question is, which one is best? And why? The marshall has a higher price tag, and the framus can change to closed back, and the harley has a nicely low price tag :p

I play mainly metal, with a bit of rock in between, but is there a noticable difference in sound quality/clarity? And is it worth the extra money?
imo dont bother with the marshall cos your only paying that much more for the name not quality
and i dont like them
The marshall you have there is not up to par with the normal marshalls.

Never herd of the harley, but looks pretty good.
Framus is amazing for anything.
id go for that.
Edit: that marshall is a jvm, so it should be alright.
i was thinging of something else
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i would go with the framus

or a different marshall like the 1936

i'm not an expert on cabs btw

try them out if you can
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I think I'm going with the framus, the option of open or closed back is pretty awesome as well, thanks
Have you played any cabs with those speakers before? If not, do.
I looked at that Framus a while back, seems good value.
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