I have been reading the guide to learning the guitar on about.com, and it insructed me to hold the pick in a certain way, currently I hold the pick between the end of my index and middle finger and thumb which I've learnt is 'wrong' I find it much easier to play like this and the thought of playing the other way scares me but I understand how it is right and seems to be a better sound if you get it right. I have been learning a few months this way.. and can't seem to be comfortable changing. Is this a big issue?

They say to hold the pick between the finger and thumb roughly behind the knuckle of your thumb. This way for me I can't get a comfy grip or sound and the pick starts to slide around and become completely misplaced. Anyone ever heard of this before, or can show me a video or picture of anything I should know. I'm fairly liberal with these things and trust in my own style but don't want to erm, get a shock later on so to speak.
you can hold the pick how you want it really doesnt matter
but the way you do it will meen itll be alot harder to do pinched harmonics and other stuff later on
it would be easyer if I just sent a pic

aint much difference between all of em, you need to be comfortable with the holding of the pick but dont deviate too much from normal pick holding standards

check images bellow
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would you be able to explain what I'm going to miss out on later on, what are pinched harmonics? Mixing strumming with picking ?
I've read numerous articles saying to do it like that, and I personally found to far too uncomfortable! I hold mine in a pretty relaxed way and several people have commented on how odd it looks, but I have no problem with my playing. Not wanting to brag, but holding it that way hasn't stopped me from playing Paul Gilbert's Technical Difficulties, and that's a tough song which would be impossible if I was holding the pick "wrong".

My best advice is to hold it in a relaxed manner that feels comfortable to YOU.
I began holding the pick "wrong" like that at first as well. Now I almost exclusively hold it between my index and thumb. Some things you might try:

1. Strum with your thumb. If you're still having difficulty making chords and changing, it may be helpful to only focus on one challenge at a time. Then, later, just mute the strings and practice holding the pick and strumming. If you think holding the pick the "wrong" way is the most comfortable and you're capable of strumming moderately fast and evenly, it may just be the right thing for you. If you're spotting gaps in your technique, you may want to try holding it with your index and thumb only.

2. Experiment with different sorts of picks. There are some that are curved to fit into the groove of your thumb and index, or with grippy stuff on it or little holes in the center.

Best of luck,

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you can hold the pick how you want it really doesnt matter
but the way you do it will meen itll be alot harder to do pinched harmonics and other stuff later on

Good point. Pinched harmonics and where you essentially "pinch" the string using both the pick and the edge of your thumbnail, so the way you hold it MAY cause some problems. You can use other fingers instead of your thumb, it's possible to find a way around it. Everyone plays differently.
ah.. I noticed it may be partially because I often need to play quietly due to neighbours or family in the house. holding it my way makes it quieter, I guess it came naturally to let the pick flex more and not have it so rigid, to keep the noise down.
I'm not sure what your circumstances are, but I would say that if at all possible, find a spot where you can practice however loud/obnoxiously you need to. There's enough to worry about when you're just learning guitar as it is. Or if not, maybe thinner picks? It's often very difficult to get a quiet tone with heavier picks.
to be honest I have plenty of time to play with nobody around just never thought so much about this until now but will be having a try tomorrow, thanks all.
I think I used to hold my pick like you do (index, middle, and thumb). I've found that there are things that are near impossible to play while holding it like that, so it's good to think about using just index and thumb. Still, I find myself holding it like I used to when I tremolo to get a better hold of the pick lol.
I kind of change how I hold the pick depending on what I'm doing. If I strum then I tend to hold the pick in a more loose manner that resembles pinching an object between my thumb and index. If I pick at individual strings then I tend to hold it in the manner than alternetx showed in his attached pictures.
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I hold the pick between my thumb and middle finger. That's how I've done it for almost 30 years, any other way seems awkward.
I know it's not the text book way but I'm probably not gonna change now.
I'm not too worried, lol.
i did this too(index middle and thumb) but there were some stuff that its was SOOOO much easier to play the way your "SUPPOSE TO". like strumming patterns, the noise it gives off etc., i guess you can find a million ways around not having to do it the right way but it, in my opinoin, is alot easier to just conform. sorry