I just got a Fulltone OCD, and that bitch eats through batteries like crazy. I am going to go buy a dc plug for it, and I looked online and it said that I should only use the Fulltone dc plug. That thing 20 bucks! I could easily get a radio shack dc plug for 8 bucks. The site said that I should only use fulltones, and that any other one wouldn't sound as good.
My question is: is fulltone just trying to trick me into paying more for theirs, or is there actually a sound difference? I don't see why there would be, since it's just to power the pedal, but I thought I'd ask if the fulltone version was actually worth the extra money.
Thanks for the help
Nice pedal! I want an OCD sometime too in my life...

Back to your question, I would think its an evil marketing scheme. Im pretty sure the DC charger is only responsible for power. But the Fullton DC plug might give you more power to last longer and keep the pedal's tonal integrity better. I'd say get a cheap cheap dc adapter and test it out.
Alright, I'll do that. I think it's just a marketing scheme too. And yeah, definitely get the ocd! It's amazing. Great clean boost when you need it and amazing overdrive.
Thanks for the help
Is it the V4? How great does it do Brit Crunch? Can it go metal if you use it to boost your amp gain?

No problem
Yeah, it's the newest one. It does brit crunch perfectly, but then again I'm using a british gain amp.. (orange tiny terror). to be honest, it doesn't get metal for me, but I'm using a Fender Tele, so I'd be surprised if I got metal with anything
To better answer your question, if I was using a more versatile amp and I was using a guitar with humbuckers, it could do metal no problem.