I looking to buy a mid priced high gain amp, for a Killswitch Engage/In Flames metal tone, and have found some amps which I quite like. These are: Laney GH50L, Laney TT50H, Bugera 6262, and Bugera 333.
Which of these is best for that tone, and which has the most reliability- I havnt got loads of cash to spend on repairs, etc.

Also, does the laney tt50h have enough gain for such a tone, as i am unable to try one, unlike the others, so I would have to buy blind.

Those a re very different distortions..but In flames use 5150/6505s, and random amps for cleans and other stuff. Killswitch uses JCM800 if im not mistaken?

6505 is a brick and a half, new jcm's dont sound good.

Bugera is pretty good from what I hear, but have reliablility issues.
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dont killswitch use dual rectifiers?
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recently i think kill switch has been using dual recs. but ive seen the guitars just jcm 800s live before. a 5150/6505 would be good. as would a bugera 6262, however there are several reliability issues with those. if you are looking to buy one, i recomend reading some threads about the issues and seeing how much they cost to fix. there are a few minor problems i definatly remember hearing about.
Killswitch engage used to use 5150's and it's still on their recordings. They have also used slo's and mesa triple rec's. But their main amps are framus dragons.
Killswitch uses so many different amplifiers. Splawns, Diezel, Mesa,... Name any good metal amp and they have probably used it.

Go with a 5150/6505 or a bugera 6262
yeah the 6505 can hang with anything. You can't go wrong with it. I love mine more than any other piece of gear I've ever owned. A good boost in front of it and it sounds perfect. Just get yourself a noise gate. These things are noisy. I know some people don't use one but I know with the gain I use, a boost, and high gain pickups there would be no way I could get by without it. Plus my mids are cranked and that causes a lot more feedback.
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Killswitch uses so many different amplifiers. Splawns, Diezel, Mesa,... Name any good metal amp and they have probably used it.

Exactly. Joel at least has recently been using a Splawn Nitro and has used Mesa Roadsters, Framus Cobra/Dragon, VHT Ultralead, H&K Triamps etc. etc.

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their main amps are h+k triamps if u can afford one youd know youll never need another amp. idk wat in flames uses. if u can afford those nice of laneys dont bother with a bugera
i see that you mentioned reliability in your fields of consideration. if so, don't go with bugera. they sound nice, but generally crap out on their owners.

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I have a bugera and know quite a few people who have one and it hasn't never had any issues. Although it isn't my peavey.