I'm having problems getting the sound to work on my new pc. I have Akai iSound speakers,I dont think they're the problem, since they worked on my last one. When i plug them into my computer, it recognizes them. When i go to the sound it says i have speakers plugged in and they are working, but i dont get any sound. I have windows vista premium btw
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vista does cream...
have you checked the power is on speakers, volume is up...you probs have realtek audio...
are you drivers updated? are you sure its not plugged into the microphone port? Are your motherboard drivers updated?

If its a computer from like Dell or HP or w/e. Check to see if they have any updates available. Also, google your issue with your specific computer name.
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thanks for the replies, i couldnt answer back because i left for thanksgiving dinner. I did all the things you guys said and i still have no idea whats wrong.