I've been interested in buying this guitar:

A Gretsch G5122, for about £500

But I was offered this guitar:

A Washburn HB35, for £200 from _Tim_ who was perma'd here.

If I was too get this I'd probably put some TV Jones in and a Bigsby trem and the costs of those would add it up to about £500

So, which should I get?
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Erm, I'm a total washburn fanboy but I've not played one of those ones.
My girlfriend's grandad's been playing since the 60s and he pretty much swears by Gretsch though. Also it's way less hassle too since that one has everything you want on it.
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washburn make quality guitars however i have not played that particular model. i have
played the gretsch and its a great guitar and like said above it has every thing you want on it all ready so why not go with it.