so i figured out i can pick alot faster with my fingers on my picking hand stretched out strait instead of curved into a fist,
is it wrong to be doing this or is there no harm being done?
There's nothing wrong with it if it's the way you're most comfortable. But you'll probably find that you can play more accurately with your fingers in. I personally always play with my fingers out, but I am limited somewhat in what I can do. Most shredders play with their fingers in, but Yngwie Malmsteen plays with them out. It basically comes down to personal comfort.
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i dont think there is any harm. its more a matter of personal preference. thats how i play, i find it easier to palm mute and keep my hand in a good position with my fingers out.
i currently changing my style from having them out to making a fist because my guitar teachers have told me its a better way to do it, and you can get the pick more parallel to the string (which is better for jazz, i do jazz guitar lessons). a lot of people do it your way though, theres nothing wrong with it. i find its more accurate the other way though.
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yeh, i just find that whichever you feel requires least effort will give the best results.

I mean, you don't want to be concentrating on the rhythm of your playing, your fingering, your picking itself, AND the fact that you've got to remember to contract/flex your fingers. just use what comes naturally.
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