hey guys this is my first attempt at removing my guitar wiring and pickups etc for repainting. i have plenty of soldering experience so thats no issue. however... it looked to me like i could save a lot of work by instead of desoldering the pickup wires from the volume, tone, and selector switch and then attaching that mess of wires later when i put everything back in or could i just cut each pickup wire individually and then just solder the wires back together later allowing me to take all the tone and volume pots and switchboard out still attached. i guess my basic question is it a good idea to cut pickup wires and solder them back together later? (obvisously with proper shielding like heat shrink and electrical tape). yes or no?
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i cant see anything wrong with it

its not that hard to strip the ends to get more lead wire when its time tp put them back in

go for it dude. let us know how it works out
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Just don't cut too much (I'm sure you know that), that's the only thing I can think of.
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heres my thoughts on it right now. basically im thinking of cutting the pickup wires right near where they attach to the volume/tone pots. and leave everything else together. when i put everything back in i can either splice the wires back together, or i can use the parts attached to the pots as a schematic to follow if i decide to just attach everything properly using whats left of the pickup wire
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"