im after some strings. but because im pretty new to guitar i am slightly clueless...
i am learning thrash and metal music. trivium, metallica, maiden and megadeth sort of things, but also going as heavy as stuff like cannibal corpse.

im just after a set of strings that would last me for a while. and give me the sound i need really. erm. alot of triviums and other metal stuff im trying to learn is in drop D aswell.... so i dont know if that makes a difference.

what brand and gauge do you think i should go for?

cheers =]

slightly depends on your guitar and how strong your fingers are but for what you listed I would be looking at least .10 - .46 minimum. I like DRs the best but right now I have D'Addario nickle wound, regular. 10's

Make sure you watch some youtube vids and other tutorials on changing strings for your guitar or similar and also learn some basic set up tips etc as your neck will pull up our drop back slightly depending on what you do. Also, try to change your strings roughly every 3 months at most and use fast frets, earnie ball wipes, or dr.stringfellow sting cleaner.

Sorry, that was more then you needed, Happy Thanksgiving!