I have a choice of buying a new Gibson Sg standard or a getting a used 1978 Gibson Sg from someone for relatively the same price. I just want to know what the major differences between the guitars are. I've heard that for Gibsons the older the better? is this correct. Any advice, input, suggestions, or information is appreciated.
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Play both, and judge for yourself.
IMO the old one is probably better, word has it that Gibson's been slacking off on their quality control lately
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Well. It depends if it is old or if it's vintage.

If the older one is still in good shape, I would go with that one.
Late '70s and early '80s Gibsons are supposed to be some of the worst guitars the company ever made. This doesn't mean they'r all crap though. The current SG Standards are kinda hit or miss, just like any Gibson nowadays. Out of those I played, most were all right, though the pickups are not as good as on higher end Gibsons. I say try both and see what you like better, or if you like any at all.

Check the '78s condition, fret wear in particular, as well as the neck in general. It could be bent. I mean, the thing is thirty years old. A lot can happen in thirty years.

One last thing: The phrase "the older the better" does not apply to guitars, generally speaking.

EDIT: If you want a REALLY nice SG that is affordable, see if you can dig up one from the late eithties or nineties.
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One last thing: The phrase "the older the better" does not apply to guitars, generally speaking.
I think it comes and goes in phases. In the late 50's and early 60's, Gibson were at the top of their game. In the late 70's and early 80's, they sucked. They got better again around the 90's, and now they're starting to suck again. It looks like every twenty years they switch from sucking to good.
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