I'm in a dilemma. Whenever I try to do pinch harmonics or anything like that the sound kind of fades out or it doesn't do the harmonic at all, but when I plug in a distortion pedal and I don't use the Nu Metal settings on the amp, pinch harmonics and everything else works perfectly. Using the pedal would be all fine and dandy but when I use the petal it doesn't sound nearly as great as the amp's metal setting, and the volume is lowered whenever i use the pedal. Would anyone know what's wrong?

Question 2:
I plugged another amp into the External Speaker Out input on the back of the amp to see if I could use 2 amps, but when I did that the sound just transferred over to the other amp and there was no sound coming from my VOX. What I want to know is if I get a bigger CAB and plug it into my VOX will sound play on both Speakers?

God I hate VOX. Are they like the Apple of amplifiers?
Have you tried NOT using the Nu Metal setting? My pinch armonics work well in the 70s or 80s setting, and I'm playing a Epi Les Paul with DiMarzio Bluesbuckers.
im not sure about question #1 but for number 2, i think when you plug the amp into external speaker out, the amp just act like a head for the other amp. but thats just a guess
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Don't now about the questison, but if Vox if hte Apple of Amps, then it's damn good. Also, Vox is a great amp, if you get an AC30 - the prime of classic rock tube amps.
Don't slag off Apple, unless you actually have a valid reason to.
Vox make amazing amps, its, try using a different setting in the amp or something.

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question 1 might be better in the ultimate settings thread... because its all settings dependent, so ts, you need to play with it more, and it could be technique as well, if you arent getting a good harmonic, you're not going to hear it very well...

as for question 2. you probably hurt the amp, see, that external speaker out is for plugging the vox into a cab. by using it as an input, you pushed power into the amp itself, not the speaker. if it still works at all you are lucky and it will definitely impact the amps longevity.

read the instructions next time. you could have destroyed BOTH amps by doing that.
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