I am looking to purchase a new guitar soon, and this one is headlining my list. I found out that I can purchase one for about 400$. I play rock, metal, and some punk (think RATM, Tool, RHCP (I know this one, you need a strat to get that perfect tone), Ozzy, Offspring).

I opened a thread like this earlier, and most people rec'd strats, but I really don't know if a strat can swing metal.

Also, this deal is great for a c-1+. Any tips or comments about the c-1plus?
get the C-1 +...t's got the coil tap so it can get to a single coil tone...I'm hopefully getting one tomorrow
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hmm go ahead
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Quote by Skynyrd890
get the C-1 +...t's got the coil tap so it can get to a single coil tone...I'm hopefully getting one tomorrow

Where are you gonna purchase it and for how much?
they are great, I feel like they'll go up in value as time goes.
Actually mine has, I have the Hellraiser and I got it for £350 but now you can't get them in UK and I've seen prices for £600
guitar center and IDK how much...$600 I think.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
It's worth it. Great guitar.
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I'll be getting that or a PRS SE Singlecut...all depends on which feels better to me.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
I own a C-1+ with swapped out pups (for real Duncans) and I found it on eBay with a HSC for $335. Couldn't be happier, but you're probably getting ripped off if you're paying $400 for one with the original pups. It made a pretty big difference in mine as compared to the ones I played at GC. For the record I bought it to replace a Fender '72 reissue tele thinline, and I prefer the C-1+.
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Well, I'm a bit wary of online deals, so I plan to purchase it IRL so I can make sure its good quality. Although, for 335$, I might have jumped on that ASAP. What's wrong with the stock pups?

Also, I've only played for 2 years, so I doubt it would make a HUGE difference to me (but it might, I have no clue).
The stock pups are fine. I'm changing mine come christmas, but that's just because I want a more specific tone. They're fine as they are, and the coil-tap allows for versatility. I can get a good Incubus sound out of the single-coil through my setup. And where are you getting it for 400? I got mine for 500 just because it was a special finish. If it's the same place, maybe I can tell you about the place's service... or is it used?