I have to play Glasgow Kiss in a week with a backing track. I need to be able to convert the backing track on Guitar Pro RSE into a wma/mp3 format to be able to play along to. How can I do this?
Grab audacity.
Choose to record from stereo mix, set mic level to 0.4 and output level to 0.2

Press record

Play the guitar pro track

Press stop

Btw, make sure u close down MSN and anything that can make noise, cos it records WHATEVER noise your computer plays.

Assuming you have MIDI tracks right now. Find a sequencer such as Cakewalk Sonar that will run the MIDI though some VSTis and run the output as audio.
Record each audio out and mix the tracks so the levels are good.

Export as MP3 or WAV, (for better quality) and play along.
Add a two measure count in click so you know when the song will start.