Sry i didnt know were to post this thread, so this may be in the wrong place.

But i was just wondering if this video of me playing Eruption was any good. Ive seen on youtube thousands of different versions that sound distinctly different. Heres the link to my video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNCY3DyKLfk

EDIT: I forgot to ask, when i play, i put my index finger on my left hand in an awkward position naturally, do u guys do that too?

Remember im only 13!
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Playing is good. But we hear the actual guitar louder than the amp though.

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Yeah, wrong section. I don't remember which but there's a section for posting vids of yourself.
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awesome. a couple timing issues and as you said in the description, the sound is weird but yeah wouldn't expect anymore from someone with a schecter.
i mean a thirteen year-old.
well...the important thing is "how long have you been playing"???
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I'd say yes, it was ok.

Work on a better way to record, but other than that yeah i think it was ok!
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Thanks, ya i thot i might have posted it in the wrong section.