Hi, this is my latest work. It started out as a simple acoustic chord progression song. But once, I added some bass and leads I ended up with a great song. I hope you like it.

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I really like this song. It's nice and simple, but still sounds cool.

I can see what you were saying about using the bass to smooth out my acoustic song, it really works well with this. I just don't really have an imagination for bass.

Only real criticism I have is about the solo, some great lead work up unitl the arpeggios, instead of which I would like to recommend some 3-string sweeping, what do you think?

Also, ending is a bit abrupt, might want to sort that out.
First, you may want to correct the measures, cause I had to import it to Guitar Pro and change every bar to 8/4, or 7/4, or 4/4 because they exceded 4/4..
For that reason the bass didn't work well, since it had different measures than the guitar part..

The rhythm guitar sounded cool and nice, and for the parts that I heard the bass too..
I liked bar 11 from the guitar specially.

Again, same problem with the lead guitar at parts, but it didn't change too much.
The lead sounded good also, specially parts with bends like bar 21.

I can't say what I didn't like or not, because it is influenced by the problem I had...
But maybe try not repeating the same melodies with the lead, and try the other acoustic do something at the arpeggio part, since it doesn't sound that complete (or maybe change the part).

Apart from that, pretty good song, try adding some drums maybe, and another lead if you want and it will be great..

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Thanks for the crit, I'm currently working on the Ending.

I would like to recommend some 3-string sweeping
What do you mean?

I always mess up the measures
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The measures are fine. When you import the .ptb file, the measures are all messed up, but I imported the midi file and they were fine.

I really like this song, you've done a really good job. I really like the solo/lead guitar and the bass is awesome. I think the ending is fine, this is good piece overall. Good job, well done.
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The measures are fine. When you import the .ptb file, the measures are all messed up, but I imported the midi file and they were fine.

I really like this song, you've done a really good job. I really like the solo/lead guitar and the bass is awesome. I think the ending is fine, this is good piece overall. Good job, well done.

Yeah, it seems the midi is fine..

But why when you import the powertab file the measures get all wrong?
Reminded me of a "happier" Agalloch.
Especially in the leads.

Normally, I would say that you add drums, but this is strong enough on it's own.
For future songs, if you wanna add drums, I would recommend that you download TuxGuitar if you don't have GuitarPro.

The intro was nice, but that bass was kinda intrusive.
I would keep it though.

I gtg, I'll finish my crit later.
Not bad, work on the timing, I don't have power tab so I had to do the same thing gonzaw did. But I think since it's acoustic it won't really need much drums. I'd say it's a pretty solid song. I can't give much more because the time signature messed everything up and I wasn't able to hear the song as it would flow.
I enjoyed it, for about half of the song it really reminded me of hotel California, which is always cool. the only thing id say is maybe a smoother transition into the ending. I never transferred the file into GP but it was just fine in PT format.
I rly enjoyed it.
The bass was rly good, it fit rly well and it sounds like you actually have some imagination rather than it just following the chords.
the lead guitar fits well too, it just sounds sounds right.
The use of the slide guitar (at least i assume thats what it was, kind of hard to tell with midi hah) rly added to it as well, makes it alot more interesting.
i cant think of anything that i would change in it

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It's great. I love the intro bit especially, where the single notes lead into the chord. Try making the transition to the A chord at bar 3 a bit smoother, it's a good chord to go to in the key you're in but that one little bit there kind of interrupts the flow. Loved the solos as well! Nothing complicated, but it works. Good job!
thanks for the look at my song

I really liked this. The fact that it was missing drums didn't bother me at all. And I agree with those who said this can stand on its own without the drums. And the solos were great too. I think my favorite part was the outro though. I liked the way the two acoustics sounded over top of each other. It was a very nice touch.
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I'm gunna bump this song and build-up from my last crit.
No drums. This piece is good.

I'm listening to Defeated Sanity on Myspace at the same time as this song.
It's intrigued me to do some things with distinct genres on the opposite ends of the heaviness spectrum.

Damn it, I'm all scattered now.
I did say before that bass was intrusive, but I see that it does fit in the grand scheme of things.
The crosspicking section at 65 is an excellent way to lead into the ending.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. The chord choice was fairly simple, but you did A LOT with a little. The bass behind it was magnificent, I loved every second of the bass line. The leads were incredible as well. This song is just overall great. My only problem with it, is the layout. The measures are WAAAAAAAY over the time signature. But, that doesn't matter. The song is excellent. Well done.

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This is kind of cool! Calm and soothing, i like it! The riff at bar 11 is cool. The choruses are cool, but I hope you're not planning to put vocals on top of them. Would be kind of busy with all the lead stuff going on...
Bar 38 and on reminded me of "Hotel California". By the end of that song (i think) there's also a similar lead part.
Overall I just really liked it! It's simple yet effective, just how a well written acoustic song should be! One thing though, use bars in your powertab file. I hate looking at a powertab without bars!

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