I buddy of mine sold me a rockerverb 50 head + cabinet for very cheap (he needed the money). I was hesitant at first because I needed more gain (I play deathcore/melodic death metal etc), but just could not pass up the stellar tone and great price. But now I need to find a pedal to boost my gain to metalcore/hardcore appropriate levels. Any suggestions?
the rockerverb doesn't really have the voice for deathcore/melodic/death metal. it's beauty is it's smooth and crunchy gain. it's kinda like training a donkey or something to compete in a horse race.

anyway, the best thing i could think of is an eq pedal that you could use to boost and scoop the mids () a bit to get the voice you're looking for. i don't think it really needs anymore gain.
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Hmm i had the same question as u, i want to purchase a rockerverb in the future, but wanted to have the ability to get alot heavier completely different sound than the rockerverb offers. I was thinking about purchasing a Zvex "Box of metal" to run over the clean channel for those heavier tones. This seems like it would be a pretty solid setup to me, but i dont have any experience with it...

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