I've never had a mic or PA system before so I'm not sure how it works. Can I just buy a mic with the adaptor and plug it into the PA or is there more? These are the ones I'm looking at.


I haven't dealt with a PA in a while (and I've been drinking) so I can't really remember, but for a live vocal mic, PLEASE get an SM58
You could even just get a mic with a 1/4 inch cable and plug it directly into
a PA speaker or a bass amp.
And if you're gonna get a mixer, get like a really friggin' tiny cheap one,
unless you're doing gigs.
So I CAN just get those 2 things and it will work? It doesn't show a plug or anything so do I have to buy a plug or what? sorry if its a stupid question.
Two things?
Well if you're just looking to buy a mic with the 1/4 inch cable,
all you have to do is look on the box of the mic you buy and look
for somewhere that it says 1/4" output jack.
And if you can't find that, or if you already have a mic, then just go to the music
store and buy that cable.

EDIT: If you already have the mic in mind and it has the wrong cable, you can buy
an adapter for about 10 dollars at most music/guitar stores

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Ok thank you. One more thing, All I have to do is plug in that PA amp, plug the mic into the PA and then it will work? I just want it for my own use I'm not doing gigs or anything.