I have a pv14 mixer with a shure sm58
Would a preamp really help my singing and if so how?
Should I get a compressor first?
A preamp wont help your singing ability (not saying its bad, havent heard. just saying ), and im not sure you need to purchase one anyway. You should easily be able to run it directly into the mixer and get a good signal coming in from the sm58 without one.

Also, getting a compressor is a yes/no answer. If you're an incredibly dynamic live singer in a group then it might come in handy for performances. If you're planning to record then compression isnt something you want on the vocals when they are recording. What are you using the mic and mixer for?
That mixer has built in pre-amps...

Help your singing how exactly? A good, top quality pre-amp will improve the overall general sound which the mic picks up. It wont make you a top-quality singer - only practise and good technique can do that
Yes guys I know no equitment will make anyone a better singer.
But I just dont know if a mic preamp is worth it.
That depends entirely on your usage of it. If recording, more often than not a good studio setup will have kit with decent to great preamps in, so you dont have to buy it for that. For rehearsing/performing, i wouldnt say it was worth it, either, unless you find one you absolutely love the sound of on your vocals
It's better to spend money on a good high end mixer if you want better sound live. They usually come with better preamps and internals (so if you were to patch in a good preamp it'd make good use of it). Besides, good high quality ones from Mackie and Soundcraft run about the same price as two or three high end preamps.
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Yes, for live, you need mics AND preamps. You currently have both... your 58 and the pres in your mixer.

For live, you won't really notice the difference between a mediocre preamp and a top-end one all that much. All the noise in the room, etc. really wreaks havoc on tonal subtlety. ;-)

For recording, your sounds - all of em - are under the microscope. You'll want the best stuff you can afford.

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