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666 91%
62 8%
Voters: 731.
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Seeing as hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of turkeys were consumed today in the US, I figured it would be a good time to start a topic about this. So, do you eat meat, or are you a pussy vegetarian?
are you serious?
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meats great.. my favourite is steak
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i do but rearely

and when i do its only cut up bacon in a pasta sauce or wafer thing ham

i had fish tonight though. Id happily go veggie, but ive been anemic in the past so...
meats good!! i support the food chain
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"I looooove me some meat" T.O.
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Im not a vegetarien i Just dont like the taste of meat. I eat four bowls of cereal a day and a few bars of chocolate. Lets start a new Poll; What age can I live to Max?
Meat..........Meat.........MEAT.......M E A T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Nice DP Spamwise!
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i eat more meat than a hollywood call girl
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roast chicken stuffed with bacon and wrapped in bacon...mmmmmaaarrrghhhh*droool*
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I eat meat, but not much of it, seeing as my mum is a vego, but she makes good vego food, so I'm not complaining. And there's nothing wrong with a vego diet, you wont go like skinny as and whimpy, I'm 14 years old, 6' and built like a brick wall =D
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i eat more meat than a hollywood call girl

Yeah, but that's just because guys in hollywood are really small.
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Im not a vegetarien i Just dont like the taste of meat. I eat four bowls of cereal a day and a few bars of chocolate. Lets start a new Poll; What age can I live to Max?

Pretty long actually. It isn't about what you eat, but the nutritional content of what you eat. Meat isn't a necessity.

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anyone here ever read what maddox has to say about this?
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I absolutely love meat, the rarer the steak the better

Any kind of meat...pork, fish, chicken, ham, turkey, steak....

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Here Skip!
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I do not eat meat, and this is my reasoning and it is so simple. What is the difference between the meat of a cat or dog and the meat of a cow or chicken? Nothing. It is just we have been raised thinking that it is right to eat cow meat and wrong to eat cat. But really the opposite could have happend just as easy. We could be eating dogs and having chickens as pets. The difference is what is easiest and cheapest to mass produce. So if it is wrong to eat dog or cat meat, than it should be just as wrong to eat cow and chicken meat. They are all animals. And I will always believe that nothing should have to die so I can live. But that is just me, everyone is free to believe what they want.
I eat poultry.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.