Is the Nailbomb any good for metal / general high distortion?
It's gunna be put into a Dean Evo in the bridge.
Standard bridge pick up is too muddy for my enjoyment.
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Yes. Basically haha, it's a quality metal pick up.
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There is more than 1 type of Metal tone so yes the nailbomb is good for metal but it's not good for all types of metal. The alnico combined with 16.5K (???) resistance gives you a very thick and compressed tone. When clean it's quite nasal and could be used for some types of blues but that's about it. Dirty it's like a PAF run through a compressor and a booster pedal. If you are looking for something with bite and clarity then you would probably want something with a ceramic magnet instead but if you are looking for thick and smooth then the nailbomb is great.
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