I have a hit a fork in the road and i need your help!
Ok i have 3 choices, which bass should i get:
I found a Mark Hoppus Sig. for $400
or should i just go with
Fender Standard Precision Bass for $449.99
Fender Standard Jazz Bass. for $479.99

I mostly play indie and metalcore(if it helps)
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id go with the p bass for the meaty sound if your playin metalcore
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1. Jazz
2. Precision

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Go try them out, 99.9% of music stores should have a Fender P + J in stock.

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Are there any specific bands you like in particular?

The Fall of Troy
Death Cab For Cutie
I know the Frank form TFoT plays a J-Bass so i'm leaning that way
jazz. you'll want a good passive jazz sound.
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