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I'm 15 and still haven't had a proper drink, and quite frankly I don't really want to at this point in time.
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17 been drunk once, hated it.

Now I just smoke weed. (not alot though, I'm no burn-out)
Then you shouldn't. I got drunk my first time when I was about 14, but it was because my cousin hooked me up at a family reunion. I didn't drink again until late high school.
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First real time...


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14. alcohol problems for 2 months, stealing all the **** i could find in my house. i was going through a rough time, till my mom found out and forced me to see a counselor at school.

now i drink at party's, other than that no.
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i had my first drink when i was like 10 got truly drunk at 13. i still drink at parties and stuff but ive never been a huge fan. mostly weed for me
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Probably 14-15..I certainly haven't been shy of alcohol since then, although I did have quite a bad problem before, drinking considerablyalmost every night to escape from stuff now I'm more of a social, student kind of drinker.

Put it this way, it's Thursday, and tonight I consumed about 2 thirds of a 70cl of vodka.
13 after my dad died. i boozed it up for a couple months, but then calmed down
Has a drink at 13, got drunk at 14?

Don't do it kids!
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Heh... 19... almost 20... Yep its embarassing. But whatever, it's not really my thing... Just once in a blue moon.

"Dad, what does beer taste like?"
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first drink 12 or 13
first got drunk at 14

drank today at suspended
bad ideaaaa
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My Austrian half of the family always like to drink hard, so I always ended up with a bit of drink in me from the age of 8 or so onwards, but I never got properly drunk until I was like, 12 or 13
Now I sit around at college with a hipflask of whiskey
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People say I seem drunk all the time. Kind of like Letterman I guess, but I rarely drink. Only at partys.

I didn't really get into a phase where I wanted to drink often until 16, now I hardly drink as much. (Frequency and amount)
10 on newyears 2000
*Edit* we are talking about getting drunk & not just tasting beer arn't we?
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Never had a drop, and I'm 19. I don't plan on doing so.
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i'd hazard a guess at 8 for first drink, 12/13 for first being drunk. yay for irresponsible fathers.

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17 - 18 when I first got hammered, got hammered at least once on the weekends till i could go to the bar at 19, then all the time till i was about 22. Then realized I needed to slow down, went to gigantour in vancouver...showed up and in like half an hour i was in the drunk the crap kicked outta me by the cops and missed the whole show!! sucked and ive had neck problems ever since getting bashed around by the police. Stopped for awhile and now I just avoid the bar and have a casual beer now and then...... ill be 25 in march
Never been drunk.
Drank some last new years eve,
but it was pretty lame.
I just got a sore head and wanted to go home.
Didn't make it any better that my best friend at the time was basically groping his cousin.
I'm 16.
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first drink at 14 and first time getting hamered i was 15. we laughed so hard that night but I got kicked in the nuts by some girl and me and the boys still can't remember why... it was almost 4 years ago and we still love drinking
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Sometime in my earlier teens. I just popped in to say this thread title makes me crave a cherry cola.
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About 14. Managed to get served in a pub when i was 15 thanks to a monumentally stupid 'tash I had grown for the very purpose of getting myself alcohol....
had a few drinks from time to time, but i was never actually drunk until i was 17 i think. maybe 18.
As a baby, my grandma used to get me drunk so I'd pass out and shut up.

The first time I got drunk intentionally, I was 13.
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I first had alcohol when I was 4, by accident. Thought it was apple juice .

First real drink I was 12/13ish. Never been smashed, not sure I want to.
Can't remember, somewhere 16-17, it was deadly.
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15 had about 3-4 beers
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I became an alcoholic when I was about 10.
I accidentally threw a Master Ball at a trainers Pokémon, because it said "works without fail".
At the time, I thought this meant it doesn't fail EVER.
Needless to say, I wasted a Master Ball, so I turned to the bottle.

But in all seriousness, I got drunk for the first time when I was about 13. My cousin got me drunk off Baileys.
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16. Had weed for a couple years before that. I tried alcohol and got smashed on the same day. I started on vodka, slowly started to like cider and now i like beer like a sensible person. I can't stand cider now though.
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