I am now officially torn between four amps:

Vox Valvetronix AV50VT

Kustom Quad 100

Peavey Valveking 112

Peavey Vyper 60

I've heard praise and revoke for the Peavey amps due to shoddy quality control, yet I'm worried the Vox won't be loud - or warm - enough for gigging and some home recording. I've heard nothing about the Kustom. I need advice.

Of course I'm play testing ALL of them tomorrow, but I need testimonials. I'm really leaning towards the Vox as long as someone can reassure me it's good.
What's your budget? What tones are you going for? Can you go used?

The vypyr 60 isn't out and I've never played the kustom. The valvekings are ok and the vox is a nice practice amp.
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I'm in the same situation you are... I've heard some nice things about the VK's and some bad... and i can't decide either
I'm spending around $400 since GC is having a sale tomorrow. I just need the amp to be giggable for small gigs. If I get serious, I'll get an extension cab.
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i have the 30 watt version of the NEW valvetronix series [the VTs]

and i LOVE it!

great variety, great tones, great everything
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If your going to spend $400, then i would reccomend you buy a tube amp. Which one matters, on what sound ure looking for. I havent heard too good things about those peavey's, but ive heard some good stuff about the peavey windsor studio.