I have enough money to buy it, but ive heard that it doesnt have the greatest tone. I will definitely change the speaker (either an eminence texas heat or man o war) but i want to see if i can replace the power tubes with a different types. Could I swap the valveking's 6L6 power tubes with a set of EL84's. Also is there a better set of 12AX7 tubes i can buy to replace the valveking's own set, or should i just leave those be. I am using a prs se custom, and i play rock, most of it being classic rock
What's your budget and what kind of tone are you after? If you have enough money for a VK + upgrades you could probably just get a better amp in the first place.
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If you're playing mostly classic rock, you should look at a used Peavey Classic 30, and maybe an OD pedal if you want to do heavier stuff.
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ok ive tried to classic 30 and the distortion channel seems pretty gritty sounding. Is it supposed to sound like that? is there neway to set it for getting some crunchier, tighter tones?
it was low volume cuz i was in guitar center and i dont remember exact settings but it was a scooped mids type setting