I think that I'm getting a standard for Christmas, and I was wondering what I would have to do to make the whammy bar do stuff live dive bombs, etc. I want to play stuff from Avenged Sevenfold to Muse's Knights of Cydonia.
Push down towards the body. But thats gonna go out of tune like crazy unless you have locking tuners or a locking nut.
i really dont know much about this aspect but if you want to crazy dive bombs and the like i would suggest a installing a floyd rose. not really an expert though...

and on a side not im going to guitar center tomorow morn! and very well could be getting an american strat

edit: yea and i agree with the guy above. you would need locking tuners

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I have a strat and can do divebombs, it's not hard, just push the trem bar towards the body of the guitar.
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It doesn't come out of tune? Is yours stock or have done any alterations?

He never said it didn't go out of tune. The strat bridge is only designed for vibrato, which it accomplishes well, but any serious whammy usage will throw it out of tune. Locking tuners will definitely help.
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So locking tuners would fix it? How much do they cost and how do I install them?
Locking tuners won't help. Strats only have tuning problems if the nut was cut poorly - which it shouldn't be on American Standard - or if you've re-strung it incorrectly.

The problem Strats have is their vibrato bridges simply don't have the same comfortable range as a unit like a Floyd Rose, it simply physically can't move enough unless you really force it (and then, you risk breaking it).

What you can do is use a heavier string gauge (Strats usually come with .09 strings, going up to .10 would be enough for this and won't impact your playing or tone too much), and loosen the springs in the bridge. This means it's much easier to push the bridge down, far enough to do a dive bomb effect. The downsides is it will force the string height up (not a problem for many people, but if you're the sort of person that wants to do dive bombs then I'm guessing you'll want a low string action too), and if you did these modification then you might start to experience tuning issues. I have a cheap little Squier I beat up and modded like this and actually that can dive bomb and still stay in tune no problem, but then I'm very careful in how I maintain my guitars so it may be something that you should perhaps forget about if you're not 100% confident you know what you're doing.

There's really four solutions:
1) Live with the fact you can't do a full dive bomb. I think you'd be surprised at how much range a Strat's regular bridge can have, but you're never going to get it doing Eddie Van Halen or Herman Li stuff.
2) Install a Floyd Rose in the guitar. This will be a perminant fixture to the guitar and will basically kill it's re-sale value, if you ever needed to sell it. It can also be expensive to have done.
3) Buy a Strat that already has a Floyd Rose built in. Fender used to make one, though I believe they discontinued it. Other brands such as ESP and Kramer make lots of Strat-style guitars with Floyd Rose bridges.
4) Skip the Fender and buy a different guitar entirely. Lots of super-Strat style guitars from brands like Ibanez and ESP have Floyd Rose bridges and if you are a metal player then they'll probably suit you more than the Fender anyway.
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