Ya but I'm in Sri Lanka. They're the most common in here. But can't find any 3PDT's.
I need a DPDT 3-way Toggle.

Not a gibson type pup selector switch.

It's pretty mad wiring in this framus.

Preferably a man sized one and not one of the mini toggles available off ebay.
Browse Ebay.

I thought sub-mini would be bigger, i can't remember. Why not a mini, though? They're not that small.

These guys might ship to the UK, but I don't think it's an ON-ON-ON. You'lkl have to look hard for one.

Have you tried emailing Framus?
I'm looking for one with the thread about as wide as the box on the bottom (about 1/4 inch).

You can buy the exact switch from framus direct, but they don't accept debit cards.

And I don't want a mini because it would be too small to fit in the hole where the big one used to be..
Nope It's through their own checkout system.

Stuff it, I'l just goto maplin tomorrow and have a nosy around.

If that fails I'l ask a parent if I can give them the money and use their card when I go back for christmas..