Ok before you ask about my gear PLEASE SEE SIG! My question is what is the best amp for me right now. I want something that will take my pedals well. Give the best tube(like) warmth to complement my pedals. I dont need built in effects in the amp. The amp really is just a Temp amp and later a decent backup.

My budget is a whopping $100. I know the expectations for a amp in my low budget. I'm in a pinch and times are tight. I just shelled out $175 to UPS a 75 pound brick 750 mile away. I love me some good ol' UG advice! So lets hear it please.
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Why don't you save up a little while longer and get something that will last longterm, you'll actually be saving money by doing this instead of spending 100$ for a temp amp...
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If you're looking for a clean sound this amp prevails
As a warning, the distortion does truely suck on it, but the clean sound is amazing. Takes to pedals fairly well, but if you are looking to use the amp as a backup for gigging, it'd probably be better to save up atleast a bit more and get something better.
can you sell one of your pedals and spring for a crate v50? a good cheapo tube amp that takes pedals very well. pretty much any of the v series would be okay; they're about 200 USD.

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