Hey, happy thanksgiving, but i got a problem. When i record myself singing, i sound like i am whispering. Can this be fixed? If so what are some things i can do to fix it. any input is welcome.

Thanks in advanced!
There's a Singing Tips Only thread in this forum... go there and you can find the answer.
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lean in closer to ur mic is the only thing i can think of.
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So....do you need singing help - or recording help?

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Master your soft palate and practise projection.

Singing Tips thread.

With this in mind I'm going to report this thread as spam and request a close.

This should be in the only singing thread - but it's not exactly rocket science...you sound like you're whispering because you ARE whispering.

Like colouhe said, think about projecting your voice...time to get your diaphragm working and start singing as opposed to talking in tune.
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