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5-String (Don't know what model)
8 36%
4-String (J Bass)
14 64%
Fretless (Rogue)
0 0%
Voters: 22.
I was windering which new bass I should get, a 5-string, a new 4-string, or a Fretless 4. Plz help me decide!
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buy whatever you feel more comfortable with, theres no point us telling you to buy a 4 string if you tune to drop G or whatever and theres no point us saying get a fretless if you like a bright tone
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It depends on your style. 5 strings are good for metal and rap. If you don't play one of those styles, or (from my experience) if you like to play slap, don't go with a 5 string.
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I recommend grammar lessons, but if you're set on spending it on a bass I would need a lot more information about what you already have and what kind of music you play to give answer.
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5 strings are also good for melodic bass lines provided you tune EADGC.
It really depends on what you want, but I personally like Jazz basses.
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as far as jazz basses go the Fender Highway 1 Jazz was the best one I've played, it just seemed to have a better feel than the standard MIA's(and it comes with a BAII bridge)
We need to know your situation, TS. Are you just starting, looking to upgrade, or looking for something different from what you have?

As far as the basses go, here;s my take on it:

Four stringers are easier to play, and are the standard. Nothing wrong with getting one at all.

Five stringers are harder to use, due to string spacing(for some people) and having another string to mute, but ultimately are more versatile because they allow you to play more parts without having to move around so much, and allow a two-octave scale from a root on the B string.

Fretless basses are very difficult to play correctly, and most bassists would recommend against getting one as a first bass. They are the hardest types of bass to play, but also the most versatile. In the proper hands, they have a very organic and fluent tone, much more than any fretted bass.

Another option is the lined fretless bass...they have inlayed pieces of wood where the frets normally are, so you can see where you are supposed to play. They're still pretty hard to play in tune, but not nearly as much as unlined ones.
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