Hi I want a practise unit I can plug headphones into my unit and not kill the neighbours would the Pocket Pod be the solution I play thrash metal & death, or should I pick up the XT version, which has the better distortion sounds or can I download some killer tones ?

Is it easy to download the tones from the Line 6 site ?

I will also run the POD in front of my amp a Randall RG75G2 which would provide the better sounds for me ?

Thanks all.
if you can stretch, get the X3
its basically the XT but with all the additonal packs and a ton of extra stuff
way worth the extra money imo

getting one for recording at christmas
Top lel.
I'd get the POD XT - you can download patches from the line6 website customtone.com for it. You can't do this with the Pokcet POD as far as I know. Plus, the XT has way more options than the Pocket POD.

I'm not familiar with the Randall RG75, but if it has a line in or an effects loop then you should run the POD into the effects loop return jack or the line in jack.
The more you can spend on a POD the better you'll be.
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