what i have as my main rig
Boss PS-5
Pocket POD
Brian Moore I1
SD Twin Tube Mayhem
Crate GT1200H w/ bypassed preamp stage
Marshall MG412
My Dilemma
If I get a new Bugera 333xl i will need some new FX cuz i dont want the POD clouding up my tone with it's digitalness. If i get new FX i'm running it through a sucky everything. what should i get?

again sry about the repost
My advice
sell the crate and marshall, as they are horrible, and wont do a bugera justice.
Assuming you have enough money saved up for the bugera, buy that, then use the money yougot from selling the Marshall and crate, to buy a decent cab.
are you getting the head or combo form of the bugera?

Edit: i would keep the pod, cuz they arenthalf bad, and you never know if somthing might happen to leave you ampless.
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Starcaster by Fender(modded with Bill Lawrence l-500-xl)
PEAVEY 6505+ (FJA transistor modd)
Peavey 65 watt transtube studio-112
Marshall 1960AV
Vader 2x12
ISP Decimator
MXR 10 band EQ
i was planning on the head on top of my marshall but i think the combo might work i got 600 bucks to spend b 4 selling the amps
Get the combo, sell the Marshall and the Crate and the Pod, and get whatever Wet FX you need, like delay and chorus and get those.

What FX do you think you'd be using?
Just get the bugera combo, and grab the phase 90 and the weeping demon.
That should put you under 900. Than you can grab a good tuning pedal