I'm looking at buying one of these in the near future and was wondering if anyone had one that they could possibly post some pics of, or just give a quick run down.

I've been looking online for good pics and reviews, but it's still relatively new, so no one has anything yet...

Also, to anyone that actually has a US PRS, are they all the same "thickness?" (excluding the hollow body models) Because I know that the maple topped ones are going to be too expensive for me, but I really like how thin those guitars are and don't want to buy the Standard Satin if it's going to be any thicker than there rest of their models....



On a side note:

Any owners that can tell me exactly how much they paid for the guitar? I just want the baseline model, no birds...I've tried to find out how much this might be, but all the retailers that I've seen list only the price for the model with the bird inlays...

(That's the one gripe I have with high end stuff (like PRS). They won't tell you the price without you asking for it. We know it's expensive, we just need to know how expensive!!!!)
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So you're looking at buying a two thousand dollar guitar without having any knowledge of it or ever having actually played (or seen, apparently) one?

Wow. Must be nice to be able to throw money away.
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I needed to explicitly state that I've been researching choices for the past month now?

I've played it, seen it in person, and read plenty of reviews. BUT...They're all of last year's model, or the ones that PRS made when the Standard came in all of the solid colors, instead of the natural stains they're using now. (The store that had it in stock only had the one PRS, so I was unable to compare it the others...[for the thickness question])

And as far as being able to throw away money, anyone can do it, it's a matter of whether or not you want to be in debt...personally I don't.
PRS website is pretty helpful. won't give you an estimate, but it'll give you all the specs and if you're lucky, a sound clip and video of it.
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PRS's website was included in the research that I said I did in the previous post....

Does anyone own this guitar and can post pics and possibly sound clips?
i have never played a satin finish prs but i own a custom 22 and its addictive. i cant let go of it.

my prs is relatively thin. i think the solid body ones are all the same other than the singlecut, mira, (maybe) starla and the mccarty (im not 100% sure though). the mira is thinner than most prs. in fact the mira looks like it would suit you quite well. although to know that i would need to know what kind of music you play. the standard 24 is better for heavy stuff and the mira is better for vintagey stuff.
Nothing on you tube?
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i played one in japan and it was awsome, kinda thick but not compared to a les paul, its still a relatively light guitar. how much is the one your looking at?
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I counted 10000+ results for "PRS standard satin 24"

Get sifting!
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