i have a b.c. rich virgin somewhere around an 1985. it has a revese headstock. EMG's 81/85's. floyd rose licienced. and a killswitch. need an estimate. price range thingy.
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id say maybe 150 bucks at the most, the hardware seems to be the only thing on it worth money
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If I remember right BC Rich guitars are either Bronze, Platnium, NJ series grades you see in most music shops. Then you go into the big buck BC Rich guitars. Bronze being the lowest, Platnium a little better and NJ a little better. I won't buy anything less than an NJ Series BC Rich. They usually say what series they are on the logo on the head stock. A new Virgin with BC Rich pups runs new around 250 to 270 bucks.
Are you trying to sell it privetly or trade it for an upgrade. A music shop is going to low ball you. If they offer $100.00 cash that would be what I would expect if you sell it outright to them, if you trade it they might give you a little more. Of course then they would sell it for anywhere between $175.00 and $225.00.

I hate using Ebay as a guide but I find the prices there gives you a decent idea of what a certain guitars will sell for.
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well im not trying to sell it right now. i want to get a schecter c-1 blackjack atx. i dont want to sell this guitar but if i have to sell it to get teh schecter i will. im just trying to get a good price range so i know what to sell it for if i do decide to sell it.