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If you drop your food on the ground do you use the 3 second rule??

yes or no
if no, how long do you think it's good?????
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Germs stick on contact, so no.
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i eat it anyway, not because of any rule. but because i'm hungry
no. it is good until zero seconds after it touched the floor. as soon as it hits the ground, it's no good.
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i eat it anyway, not because of any rule. but because i'm hungry

This, if good food is dropped, I will eat it.

There is a limit, but for the most part...
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as soon as it hits the floor germs stick. you can wait 30 seconds and it wouldn't matter
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Mythbusters proved the x second rule is bull****
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Mythbusters did something on this. They said that it really takes less than a second for germs and other crap to get on food.

Oh and I always called it the 5-second rule. If I drop food, I eat it anyway (As long as I'm not outside or in a public place. That's just gross.)
if there's no crap on it, i don't care.

edit: no visible crap*
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I saw this on Mythbusters and it was busted.
It doesn't matter if it was on there for like.000268855 seconds.
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Yes. Hell, I use the 3 hour rule.
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Depends on the area I'm in, condition of floor, ect.

Circumstances are EVERYTHING!
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if its chips or somthing thats dry...why not? i would never eat like peanut butter off the ground thats just nasty! lol
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I'm a ninja so my food never hits the ground in a big enough piece for the germs to actually get on it in the first place; my crumbs get on the germs.

I can usually cut a .01 x .01mm crumb into 174 pieces with one slice of a katana as it falls to the ground.
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it called the 10 second rule ..

the 3 second rule is a concept in the seduction community where within three seconds you and a target girl make eye contact, you must approach her within that 3 second period or else your chance is gone .. not necessarily gone but yeah .. she gotra know yiou got balls
There was actually a study on this either last year or the year before. Dry food like bread and things like that are perfectly fine when dropped for about a minute, but wet foods like fruit and the like only have about 30 seconds.
Nah, it's more the "i'll pick it up later when I'm hungry" rule.
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I don't follow a rule
if I drop food, I can eat it later, like , 8 years later , and I don't care
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I go by the 'however long it takes me to bend down and pick it up again' rule.
It depends what I drop it in though.
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Well in public usually not but honestly, I can't stand germophobes. We have immune systems for a reason people! i haven't thrown up in atleast 5 years just little fevers here and there, nothing has made me sick, just colds from weather changes. Like really, how do you get by caring if someone else touched something you are touching, it just seems like complete nonsense to me. One person before freaked on me for using her drumsticks, i could have understood if she didn't want me banging them around or damaging them, but no, it's because "ew no thats just sick, you get sweat on them and gross all the germs that are on them now" like grow up.
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depends on the floor. i wouldn't eat off of the cafeteria floor in my school or the sidewalk but in my house i'll let it sit there for half an hour before eating it.
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If you havent picked it up within three seconds you move to the ten second rule, and so on...

I use the ten second rule. But it depends on the food and the floor.

also, yes germs stick on contact, but you have a ****load of germs on your hands. Even after disinfecting, they still are their.
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If I'm in my own house I have a five minute rule.

But if I'm outside or even at someone else's house I wouldnt eat it if its been on the ground.
Everyone, (at least I thought), knows that the "3 second rule" completely and utterly depends on the surface of which the food is dropped.
no. i dont

also, poll anyone?


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Subway uses the 3 second rule.

True story.

eww. and THAT is why i don't eat at subway.
depends on what i dropped it on...

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I don't give a damn if it's on the floor, because I just think people are eating worse things.
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Depends how yummy the food is

It depends on what it is! Mythbusters did something on this, M&Ms last the longest for them it's something like 15seconds
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