I've been contemplating buying one of these fine looking guitars since I realized the other guitar I wanted wasn't going to work out. The only problem with this is they only have a limited quantity in the store buy me and since tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year I expect they will all be gone by the time I can get to the local GC. So what I would like to know is:
active or passive pick-ups (from what I could tell they were passive but, I'm a noob at that)
what's the back of the neck like (glossy finish? wood with a slight finish?)
what's the neck as a whole like (ibanez type neck Les paul type neck?)
how smooth are the frets and fretboard?
and weight

thanks in advance for any help
It's got a glossy neck, a little thinner than a gibbo 60's neck, passive pickups (Duncan Jazz neck/JB bridge), very smooth F/B and frets, and pretty heavy (it is solid mahogany though).
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heavier than a strat, not sure if it's as heavy as a paul though.
Great guitar.
Was going to buy one but I didn't have enough money on me at the time :[
The pickups are passive, '59 in the neck, JB in the bridge
The neck is painted and glossy.
Good luck with getting there in time to get one
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I've found they don't like haggling too much at my local GC
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Most likely the GTFO response.
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