In Here, Wasting my Life
Rotting away in This room
No-one worries Bout me
cuz' There's camera's on the roof.

There are things you can and can't do
just Try and You will See.
Don't Question or...
You'll end up like me...

Locked away, Nowhere To go
Can't understand the reason
Hurry up get me out,
Because it's christmas Season.

Nametags,Wristbands,Gowns, and Fake clothes.
Do they realize we're locked in
Wait, Why don't you look at the bigger picture.
Of why we are all here!

Well We said Something or
We told someone
That we were feeling Some funny way
And look at the results
We all ended up here to stay!





This song is based on true occurences.... yes I was locked away... twice...
Nothing deep or revoloutionary, but interesting nonetheless. It draws you in somewhat. My major problem with this piece was the grammar- unnecessary capitalisation and use of apostrophes, leave capitals for only the beginning of sentences, and " 'cause", "cameras".

By the way, what is the 'ending'? Perhaps there is some resolution to the story you've built up?
Sorry I'm not that good with Grammer... Hence why I am in a Continuation school...
Mostly for me failing English... For like 3 years running