I've been looking at schecters, fender strats, and epiphone sg's

can't decide.

any suggestions/other guitars i should take into account?

i play mostly rock, jazz, and blues.
well i've tried them all out i'm just wondering if anyone had any experience with them or other suggestions...
With those styles of music and pricerange you should really look into the Classic Player 60s stratocaster. That guitar is amung the finest that Fender makes outside of america, the pickups are simply beautiful and the guitar feels great with its 12" fretboard radius.
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I did try that out and i liked it. But ive also seen some of PRS guitars that i like. anyone know about them?
all 3 of those genres have so many different sounds in them...

lets start this way, how clean do you need to get? (some jazz gets so clean it's hard to tell its not a piano) and how distorted do you need to get?

bright, dark, or medium (ie. single coils or humbuckers)

do you need a trem?

what amp do you have
Ok so i need to get clean, but i don't need it AS clean as a piano. Distortion wise, i'd like it to be as versatile as possible, but i play metal once in a great while.
single coils, preferably, i already have a epiphone les paul with some ****ty humbuckers, looking for a new sound.
trme...not needed, but wouldn't be bad.
i have a line 6 spider...for now
if you have a epi les paul, an SG seems more like buying the same thing than getting a new sound, but thats just my opinion

SSS strat or HSS strat seems to fit the bill nicely, but you don't seem to keen on getting one... so how about something like a tele

I'm partial to prs, but the sound of most of them will probably be pretty similar to your LP.. with the exception of maybe the semi hollow one with p-90s

The only thing I can really say is just keep trying them out until you find one that you just love... $5-600 is a lot to waste...

if you're really looking for a new sound, maybe you just need to try out new amps?
I had an Epi SG (G-400) back when they were made in Korea. they were built decent and sounded pretty good back then. Now they are made in China and sound like ****.

I've had the most experience with Squier and Fender Strats. Personally, I find the strat to be the most versital with a few slight modifications. I also tend to build my own strats from Warmoth Parts, so maybe I just know what I want in a guitar. Strats are really versatile. I just finished making a grunge record and my strat did and amazing grunge/heavy metal tone. At the same time, I can get that classic rock sound out of it, or country and blues. I can pretty much get whatever sound I want out of the strat.

Schecters are nice, I haven't played enough to write a decent review on them but they are excellent guitars.

Personally, I think for the style of music you are playing, the Strat would be the best match for you.
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Check out the roadhouse strats or deluxe player's strats.